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Corporate / Transactional / Commercial Practice

The Firm’s practice encompasses all types of corporate, partnership, transactional, employment and commercial agreements, including leases, property purchases, and financing agreements. The Firm’s clients include sole proprietorships as well as partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations of all sizes.

The Firm offers a range of legal services to assist current and prospective business owners with all facets of creating and structuring the corporate entity best suited to accomplishing the owners’ objectives. Our office can handle all the legal needs of your business, from formation or purchase to closing and selling, as well as any type of agreement you may require.

Our lengthy experience in commercial practice enables us to engage the client in important discussions and to raise key questions focused on protecting the clients’ interests at all stages of corporate development such as the start-up phase, the current operational phase and planning for the future as the business matures. We can discuss what you need to know to protect your business as it grows and to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets.

In 2017, Mr. Beale represented a group of investors in the successful development of a $32 Million Assisted Living Facility in Lake County, Florida. Mr. Beale represented the owners from the acquisition of the property, the corporate structures and negotiating with the developer, construction company, engineers, marketing and feasibility consultants, bond counsel, facility manager, and underwriter. The project was funded in part by a private placement memorandum and by $28 Million in Municipal Development Bonds issued by Lake County, Florida and underwritten by Stifel Financial from New York. Mr. Beale continues to represent the owner of the facility who is now in discussions to build an independent living facility on the unused portion of the property.