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Employment Law

The firm advises on such issues as wage and hour, overtime, hiring and evaluating employees, employment termination, discrimination, and harassment, employment contracts & agreements Title VII, ADEA, ADA, Family Medical Leave Act, confidentiality and non-competition/non-solicitation agreements, and reduction in force issues. In today’s business environment, companies are recognizing that it is essential for an experienced lawyer to draft and/or review employment policies, procedures and provide training to all supervisory personnel. After extensive consulting with the client’s Director of Human Resources, or other responsible company representatives, the Firm will seek to determine the problems and issues specific to each client. Mr. Beale will endeavor to ensure that the client is prepared to handle the wide array of employment law issues that may arise.

These may include one or more of the following areas of employment law:

  • Hiring and evaluating employees
  • No smoking policies
  • Employee Compensation & fringe benefits
  • Employee evaluation
  • Supervisory training
  • Disciplinary programs and procedures
  • Employment termination, discrimination, and harassment
  • Security issues
  • AIDS
  • Employment contracts & agreements Title VII, ADEA, ADA
  • Drug testing
  • Job safety
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Employee personnel files and right to privacy
  • Reduction in force