The LAW OFFICES OF DAVID A. BEALE, P.A. offers a range of legal services to assist current and prospective business owners with all facets of creating and structuring the corporate entity best suited to accomplishing the owners’ objectives. Mr. Beale’s lengthy experience in commercial practice enables him to engage with the client in important discussions and to raise key questions focused on protecting the clients’ interests in the present, as well as in the future as the business matures. Our office can handle all legal needs of your business, from formation or purchase to closing and selling, as well as handle any type of agreement you may require. Please visit our link to “Corporate” for fuller discussion of services to business owners.

The Firm can also supply your non-business needs. Individuals in need of probate, estate planning, health care planning, real estate or other civil matters can rely on the Firm’s extensive professional experience provided within a caring, sensitive and responsive environment. Please view the full range of services offered in the “Services to Individuals” link.

The Firm has extensive experience in intellectual property matters including Trademark and Copyright, Internet, Software, Hardware and Technology, Publishing and Media. Please visit our link to “Intellectual Property” for more detailed information.

Within the practice field of Employment Law, Mr. Beale is able to advise mid and large size businesses with the many legal issues involved in managing personnel. Please view the many services the Firm provides through the link to “Employment Law”.