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Donovan Anderson

Donovan Anderson
March 8, 2020
Donovan Anderson

In 1998 I went to SCORE to seek business advice and they referred me to Attorney David Beale, 3 years after I started my nurse registry.
My main and most successful business, to date, Whitsyms Nursing Service grew in less than 12 years to over $20M dollars and I accredit this to the strong legal advice received from David over the years. I subsequently sold the business in 2014. I had less than 5 lawsuits total over the 19 years, in comparison to most of my competitors, who were a fraction of my Company’s size, and who had an average of 5 lawsuits per year.
Outside of business, David did my Will and Trust documents. I have recommended him to numerous business and private individuals and none of them have complained about his quality of work.
If you are looking for an attorney who is smart, diligent and has integrity, which is hard to find, I strongly recommend David Beale.